Monday, August 27, 2012

Scavenger Hunt

An analysis of Taste Yogurt Bar based on John Flynn’s physiological aspects of lighting.

The yogurt bar was lit generously with natural sunlight due to its corner location and could have benefited from the absence of a few electrically based track lighting. The ceiling had six sets of track lighting around the periphery of the space along with two incandescent pendant lights above the cash register.

The perceptual clarity of the space was very intense and the lack of any private area furthered the notion that it was not a very intimate space.

In addition, the track lighting above the yogurt dispensers and the condiment area served as focal lighting. The yogurt bar lacked ambient lighting and play of brilliance in the interior space.

The intensity of the light was very bright and uniform. The cool color tone and the peripheral lighting added emphasis to the walls of the space and there was no central focal point.

An analysis of Tate Street Coffee based on John Flynn’s physiological aspects of lighting

Tate Street Coffee offers an assortment of lighting techniques in its eclectic arrangement. The amount of lighting makes for a hazy environment, appropriate for a coffee shop. There is only one source of natural light, occurring on the front wall of the store. The illumination of the walls give the occupant a clear idea of the space and makes the shop seem more spacious despite the amount of furnishings. The warm tone of the lights create a more relaxed atmosphere. There is uniformity in the overhead fans following the center of the room, track lighting along the walls and pendant lighting illuminating the tables. Light is focused predominantly on the task area with the bar and cash register as well as the individual tables. The mirror, glass from decorations and collection of strung lights create a play of brilliance around the shop.

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